Legal online casinos

The best legal Italian casinos

The Italian legal online gambling market is in a phase of consolidation, after having suffered the hegemony of illegal casinos for some time, so to speak gambling online . This important result is due, first of all, to the platforms holding the remote gaming license issued by Aams. In fact, their wide offer is of considerable importance both in terms of quality and technological innovation and in terms of the quantity of gaming services offered and capable of satisfying the needs of even particularly demanding users.

The purpose of this section, dedicated to reviews of the best Italian legal online casinos, is to provide our readers with valid guidelines that can allow them to enjoy the best possible gaming experience. The gaming platforms reviewed are considered among the best on the web as well as on the local market.

Thanks to a very careful analysis we will provide a wide overview of the forms of entertainment that can be practiced both in demo mode (using fake money), and in real money mode. We will try to offer a photograph as exhaustive as possible that does not only concern the gaming services offered but also all the structural and technical characteristics of each single online casino that can be ascertained by the user who will have the opportunity to interact in these virtual gaming contexts. .

The peculiarities concerning the software used by each platform, the system requirements to which the devices used by the player (PC, but also Tablet, Smartphone, iPad, iPhone, etc.) must meet in order to bet at online casinos will be indicated, which now they are also available in the live and mobile version, to allow users to experience emotions very similar to those of a real land-based casino and for players with mobile devices to have fun “on the road” at any time they wish.

We will also indicate the contacts (email addresses, telephone numbers, live chat, etc.) that can be used to receive any type of information that the user needs by putting him in contact with the desired casino. We will give you our opinion, after an important analysis made “on the field”, trying to highlight the main strengths of each single online casino reviewed, in order to enable you to understand the closest gaming context. to the needs of the reader. Obviously we will try to underline the points that could be improved, after a careful and scrupulous evaluation made with great objectivity.

For gaming enthusiasts there is the opportunity to have fun, choosing the forms of entertainment that they consider most suitable, placing the emphasis on online casinos that have specialized in one category of games than in another.

In fact, there are platforms that have paid more attention to classic games and gaming tables in which to practice the best of the traditional casino, offering the best variants of Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and Poker (with the various Texas Hold’em Poker, Stud Poker, Tequila Poker, Carabbean Poker, Red Dog and much more).

But there are also virtual casinos that have specialized in offering many slot machine titles, online video poker and many other latest generation electronic games (Card machines, Skill games, Arcade games). To these are added also those of the Aams casinos that offer very popular gaming services in our country, such as Win for life, Scratch and Win, 10 and lotto, Superenalotto, online Bingo, just to name a few.

Finally, for each review, we will indicate which are the main payment methods available on each site of an online casino, giving the user the possibility to direct their choice towards the solution that they consider most suitable for their interests.