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Mastering Super Ghouls ‘N Ghosts gave an unparalleled sense of accomplishment. Something as simple as timing a perfect jump could bring out joyous sighs of relief in players. It was those moments that made enduring the punishment worth it.

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Up until the current generation of consoles, couch co-op was one of the most enjoyable aspects of gaming. The Contra series, and Contra III,in particular, is one of the best examples. Heading over to your friend’s house, or teaming up with your siblings to take down some alien scum is, for many, a cherished childhood memory Pokemon Black ROM free download.

SuperCastlevania IV’s intro is just one example of the game’s brilliant attention to detail. Few other games, whether of the SNES era or today, capture the same ominous sense that SuperCastlevania IV did. The player-controlled character moves slowly and is easily killed, enemies come at you from every angle, and deadly obstacles pop out of nowhere to inflict pain and frustration. However,Super Ghouls ‘N Ghosts is — for the most part — a fair game. Everything from enemy patterns to jump timing can be memorized and perfected.

There are also numerous side characters who play important roles in the story that are pivotal in many series-defining scenes, such as the famous Opera scene. Then there’s Kefka, a villain who displays a sadistic joy for unrelenting cruelty, like some kind of steampunk-fantasy version of The Joker … only worse. Kefka’s actions in the story bring about ruinous consequences, forcing the heroes to face truly insurmountable odds. It was the game that made fighting games an institution and created the entire community surrounding the genre. In the early ’90s, Street Fighter II was everything, including a go-to method by which feuds were formed and bets settled.

Friendships were tested and champions were crowned in the cathode-ray glow of arcades across the world. Secret of Mana tells the story of a trio of young adventurers who slowly but surely find themselves to be the last hope of an ill-fated world. The ability to play with friends was exciting, but even as a single-player experience, Secret of Mana was a great game.

Unlike the other Squaresoft titles on this list, Secret of Mana isn’t a traditional JRPG, but instead an exploration-heavy adventure title in the vein of The Legend of Zelda series. A remake for PlayStation systems released during the PS4 generation failed to deliver in the same way. The Castlevania series has always leaned heavily on its classic horror setting, and Super Castlevania IV is no different. The game opens with an appropriately creepy intro cinematic, which focuses on a shot of a single headstone in an austere field, as the orange sky darkens to purple and lightning flashes in the distance. Suddenly, a rogue bolt strikes the headstone, destroying it, and releasing a glowing bat from within — Dracula has risen!