8 strange German words without any English equivalent

8 strange German words without any English equivalent

The Germans include well-known for making use of longer statement regularly describe hyper-specific, intricate sentiments. Including, the 26-letter word vergangenheitsbewaeltigung describes the inability to deal with the past. And, of course, schadenfreude reflects the contentment your derive from a person elses soreness.

In honour of Oktoberfest, which wraps up on the weekend in Munich, we now have entmystifiziert, or demystified, the favorite German expressions with no obvious English meaning.

Listed here are acht (eight) in our favorite German phrase:

1. Sauregurkenzeit

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An average German escape, which might keep going anywhere from three to six-weeks in July through August, is called the Sauregurkenzeit. This practically equals pickle energy, perhaps because cucumbers enter into month in the summertime. This is basically the off-season where little is really because most people are out. Washington, D.C. experiences a Sauregurkenzeit during Congress five-week summer recess.

2. Torschlusspanik

Suppose your entire pals are getting hitched, moving to the suburbs, and achieving children while your own sex life comprises of suits on Tinder. That intense feeling of anyone does at this stage cause Im not receiving any younger try torschlusspanik.

3. Fruhjahrsmudigkeit

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This 18-letter phrase is employed to explain an over-all feeling of weariness from inside the springtime, particularly between mid-March through mid-April. In German, your message Fruhj ahr ways springtime, and Mudigkeit means tiredness. Conjoined, Fruhjahrsmudigkeit try springtime lethargy.

4. Erbsenzahler

Any individual whos obsessed with information and some a regulation freak could well be described as an Erbsenzahler . Continue reading “8 strange German words without any English equivalent”