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In the right side, double-click on theSpecify deadline before installing auto-restart for the update. In this post, we’ll show you steps to change the default auto-restart schedule for updates on your Windows 10 computer. The second option, System Center Configuration Manager, uses the powerful Configuration Manager for Windows, in combination with WSUS, to deploy quality and feature updates. It runs as a Windows Server role and provides a central store for Windows updates within an organization.

  • While viewing the overview page for a paused Update Ring, select Extend.
  • Under Assignments, choose + Select groups to include and then assign the wikidll.com/other/vorbisfile-dll feature update deployment to one or more groups.
  • Using uninstall for Feature or Quality updates triggers a policy to restore the previous update on your Windows 10 machines.
  • After resuming one update type, you can select Resume again to resume the other update type.
  • While viewing the overview page for a paused Update Ring, select Uninstall.
  • After triggering the uninstall for one update type, you can select Uninstall again to uninstall the remaining update type.

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Use the Prompt page to customize the reboot dialog that will display on the end user’s device. You can also configure branding options if you want to customize the prompt’s appearance.

Drive Location Used for Peer Caching Enter the file location to use for Peer Caching. Maximum Download Bandwidth as a Percentage of Total Available (%) Enter the maximum download bandwidth percentage used for downloading updates from Peer Caching. Minimum QoS for Backgrund Downloads (KB/second) Enter the minimum quality of service in KB/secondfor background downloads. Monthly Upload Data Cap Enter the maximum amount of data that a device can upload per month. The optimization cache keeps updates available on other peers that the device can reach for quicker downloading of updates. Enable to require admins explicitly approve updates before downloading to the device. This approval is either through Update Groups or individual update approval.

Create a Windows Updates profile to manage the Windows Updates settings for Windows Desktop devices. The profile ensures that all your devices are up-to-date, which improves device and network security. Once steps are done, and when there is a new update available, your Windows 10 computer will reboot outside the active hours in the day specified. Below “Options,” specify the number of days to wait before your computer restart automatically from the drop-down menu.

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If you defer an update for longer than 180 days and push the profile to a device running Windows 10 before the1703 update, the profile fails to install on the device. Selecting Corporate WSUS as a source allows your IT Admin to view updates installed and device status of devices in the WSUS Group.

Using Group Policy, a network administrator points Windows 10 PCs to the WSUS server, which serves as the single source of downloads for the entire organization. From the WSUS administration console, administrators can approve updates and choose when to deliver them to individual client PCs or groups. PCs can be assigned to groups manually, or you can use client-side targeting to deliver updates based on existing Active Directory security groups. Choose how many days to delay installation of quality updates, including the cumulative security updates released on Patch Tuesday.

Now Windows 10 is going to update itself respecting the schedule that you have set for Active hours, and it is not going to reboot without notifying you first. You get access to different options that you can configure. We hope the steps were easy to follow, and you were able to specify deadline before auto-restart for update installation using Group Policy or Registry Editor. When you enable it, you have to configure the number of days for Quality Updates and Feature Updates before the automatic restart kicks-in. The number of days that can be set between 0 to 30. Thanks for the reply, we had the feature deferral period set to 0 but as they were not working we have changed it to 365 days; as we don’t want devices to go to the 2004 feature. You have to set the feature deferral period to 0 to use feature updates.